Cummins N14 Injectors Installation Procedure and Torque Specs

NOTE: The N14 engine injector torque value is 54 N•m [40 ft-lb]
NOTE: When installing injectors for reuse, new o-rings must be installed on the injector.
NOTE: The CELECT™ injectors require three different injector o-rings. The o-rings are color coded as follows:

Top o-ring – Black
Center o-ring – Brown
Bottom o-ring – Black with a white identification dot.
Lubricate the o-rings with lubricating oil just before installation.

Using the CELECT™ injector puller/installer, Part No. 3823579, install the injector into the cylinder head injector bore with the injector solenoid valve facing the intake side of the engine.

After partial installation of the injector, take precautions to center the solenoid valve between the valve springs. Avoid contact with the spring coils. If the injector is contacting a valve spring, use a screwdriver to position the injector again.

Warning: Do not strike or pry on the solenoid. Otherwise, injector damage will occur.
Continue driving the injector into the bore using the puller/installer, Part No. 3283579.

If injector puller, Part No. 3823579, is not available, a screwdriver can be used to install the injector by putting the screwdriver on the injector body at the base of the injector solenoid and striking the screwdriver with a soft mallet. Do not strike on the injector solenoid or on the top stop spring cage.

Warning: The injector must be fully seated before installing the hold down clamp. The hold down clamp can not pull the injector into the bore. Engine damage can occur if the injector is not fully seated.
Install the hold down clamp capscrew.

Torque Value: 54 N•m [40 ft-lb]