1. Tighten bolts in main cap number 3 to approximately 10 lb-ft (14 N•m) torque.

2. Tap crankshaft rearward then forward to align thrust bearing. Use lead hammer or rawhide mallet to tap crankshaft.

3. Tighten long inner number 3 main cap bolts to 55 lb-ft (75 N•m) and shorter outer bolts to 30 lb-ft (40 N•m) torque.

4. Verify that crankshaft can be rotated freely without bind or drag.

5. Pry and hold crankshaft forward. Measure clearance between crankshaft and number 3 main bearing with feeler gauge (Figure 2-158). Clearance should be 0.004-0.010 in. (0.10-0.25 mm). If clearance is incorrect, thrust bearing is incorrect size or not seated, or crankshaft thrust surface is worn. Correct as necessary. If clearance is OK, continue with assembly.


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