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Duramax LLY – CYLINDER HEAD AND GASKET SERVICE – Cylinder Head (Left Side) – Removal

1. Remove hood with aid of helper as follows:
– Disconnect hood harness
– Remove harness clips at driver side frame rail bracket
– Remove bolts that attach prop rod bracket to driver side frame bracket
– Remove hood hinge pins
– Lift and remove hood

2. Remove front console and engine cover.

3. Drain radiator and disconnect batteries.

4. Disconnect and cover fluid cooler lines at transmission and power steering coolers.

5. Remove driver side splash shield.

6. Remove serpentine belt.

7. Remove air intake hose and air horn.

8. Remove A/C compressor, power steering pump, and mounting bracket as assembly. Position A/C compressor to side to allow access to rocker cover and cylinder head.

9. Remove oil dipstick tube, water crossover, thermostat housing, coolant hoses, and radiator upper hose inlet tube.

10. Disconnect or remove (Figure 2-40):
– Heater water valve bracket
– Wire harness clips and brackets
– Ground wires/cables at rear of cylinder head
– Temperature sender wire
– Fuel pump
– Glow plugs

11. Remove fuel injector line clamps. Retain clamps and attaching washers and nuts.

12. Remove intake manifold and gaskets. Note attaching stud and bolt locations for reinstallation reference.

13. Disconnect driver side fuel injector lines at pump and injectors and remove lines. Cover injectors with duct tape to prevent dirt entry.

14. Remove bolts/nuts attaching crossover pipe to exhaust manifold.

15. Remove rocker arm cover. Tap cover with rubber mallet to loosen. Do not pry on cover to remove.

16. Remove rocker arm shaft bolts and retainers. Remove arm and shaft assemblies individually. Note original position for assembly reference.

17. Remove pushrods. Note position of rods for installation reference as they must be installed in original position.

18. Remove cylinder head bolts. Discard bolts as they are not reusable.

19. Remove cylinder head (Figure 2-41) with aid of helper, or use chain hoist, portable hoist, or similar device to lift and remove cylinder head.

20. Remove cylinder head gasket. Discard gasket; it is not reusable.

21. Refer to overhaul section if head, valves, valve seats, springs, or seals require service. Check for warpage. If head was only removed to replace blown gasket, proceed to installation procedure.

22. Cover cylinder bores and lifter valleys with shop towels.


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