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1. Position insulator on engine bracket (Figure 2-13).

2. Install engine bracket and insulator. Tighten engine bracket-to-block bolts to 30 lb-ft (41 N.m) torque. Tighten insulator stud nuts to 90 lb-ft (122 N.m) torque.

3. Install nut that secures engine bracket to stud on starter motor (Figure 2-12). Tighten nut to 24 lb-ft (33 N.m) torque.

4. Align and install bolts/nuts that attach transmission to transmission crossmember (Figure 2-11).

5. Connect transmission and transfer case shift rods to floor shift levers. Use new cotter pins to secure shift rod trunnions to shift lever arms.

6. Align and install front propeller shaft and center bearing.
Tighten center bearing attaching bolts to 60 lb-ft (81 N.m) torque. Tighten U-joint clamp strap nuts to 13-18 lb-ft (18-24 N.m) torque.

7. Install starter cable bracket.

8. Connect exhaust pipes, brackets, or hangers if loosened/ removed for service access.

9. Install fan and clutch.

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