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Duramax LLY – ROCKER ARM COVER SERVICE – Right Side Cover Removal

1. Remove front console and engine cover.

2. Remove air horn and inlet hose. Then remove air cleaner assembly.

3. Drain radiator.

4. Remove surge tank.

5. Disconnect and remove water control valve, hoses, and bracket.

6. Remove CDR valve and hose.

7. Remove bolt that attaches transmission fill tube to cylinder head.

8. Remove brackets attaching electrical wire harnesses and sensors to intake manifold.

9. Remove nuts attaching fuel injector line clamps to intake manifold studs.

10. Remove intake manifold and gaskets. Cover cylinder head intake ports to prevent dirt entry.

11. Disconnect lines at fuel injectors. Cover injectors and cap lines immediately to prevent dirt entry.

12. Loosen lines at fuel injection pump.

13. Remove studs and bolts attaching rocker arm cover to cylinder head (Figure 2-34).

14. Tap rocker arm cover with rubber mallet to break sealer bead and loosen cover. Do not pry cover loose.

15. Move fuel injector lines aside (rotate them out of way). Or, remove necessary injector lines if unable to move aside.

CAUTION: Do not bend the fuel lines. The internal coating could fracture, peel off, and clog the injectors.

16. Remove rocker arm cover.

17. Scrape old silicone sealer off cover. Then clean cover with parts cleaning solvent. Final-clean sealing surfaces with brake or electrical contact cleaner. This is necessary to remove residue left from cleaning solvent and ensure proper adhesion of new sealer.

18. Clean gasket surfaces of intake manifold and cylinder head. Be sure surfaces are clean and smooth. Remove minor nicks or scratches with 220 grit emery cloth.


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