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Duramax LLY – TORSIONAL DAMPER – Installation

1. Check seal contact surface of damper. Surface must be clean and smooth to avoid damaging timing cover seal.
Smooth surface with 180 grit emery if necessary. Then polish surface with 220 grit emery coated with engine oil.

2. Inspect condition of front cover seal. Replace seal if worn, cut, cracked, or hardened. Use pry tool to remove oil seal and tool J-22102 to install new seal.

3. Install damper drive key in crankshaft. Be sure keys are fully seated in crankshaft key slots.

4. Lubricate crankshaft nose, front cover seal, and seal surface of torsional damper with engine oil.

5. Install torsional damper on crankshaft. Be sure drive key is not displaced during damper installation.

6. Install damper washer and bolt. Tighten bolt to 160-200 lb-ft (217-270 N.m) torque.

7. Install crankshaft pulley. Tighten pulley bolts to 48 lb-ft (65 N.m) torque.

8. Install serpentine belt (Figure 2-16).


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