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GM/Detroit 6.5L – General Information – STARTING PROCEDURE

Use the following starting procedures on electronic fuel injection 6.5L diesel engines.

1. Have all passengers fasten their seat belts.
2. Apply the parking brake.
3. For automatic transmissions, do the following:
• Shift the transmission to P range (vehicle not moving) or N range (vehicle moving).

For manual transmissions:
• Shift the transmission to Neutral.
• Press the clutch pedal fully.
4. Turn the ignition switch to the RUN position and wait until the “GLOW PLUGS” lamp in the instrument panel is “OFF.”
5. Once the light turns “OFF”, immediately turn the ignition switch to the CRANK position until the engine starts or 15 seconds elapse.
6. Turn the ignition switch to RUN and do the following:
• If the engine runs, press the brake pedal and shift the transmission into gear.
• If the engine does not run, wait 15 seconds and repeat step 4 above.
7. Wait a few seconds before moving the vehicle, especially in cold weather.
8. Release the parking brake and move the vehicle. If the vehicle fails to start, do the following:
• Check the state of charge for the batteries.
• Check for proper operation of the glow plug system:

• During cranking, the “GLOW PLUGS” lamp may be on.
• After starting, the “GLOW PLUGS” could continue cycling for up to 4 cycles.
• If the above items check good, perform further diagnosis as defined in the Service Manual.

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