Trouble in the charging system will show up as one or more of the following conditions:
• Abnormal indicator lamp operation.

• A high or low voltage indication with the engine running and all accessories off.
• An undercharged battery as evidenced by slow cranking or a dark hydrometer.
• An overcharged battery as evidenced by excessive spewing of electrolyte from the vents.

A basic wiring diagram for the charging system is shown in figure 3. When the system is operating nor­mally, the indicator lamp will turn on when the ignition switch is turned on and turn off when the engine starts. If the lamp operates abnormally or an undercharged or overcharged battery condition occurs, the following pro­cedure may be used to diagnose the charging system. Remember that an undercharged battery is often caused by accessories being left on overnight or by a switch stuck closed that allows a lamp, such as an instrument panel compartment lamp, to stay on. This generator does not have a test hole.


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