GM/Detroit 6.5L ENGINE CONTROLS – EGR Valve Replacement

Removal Procedure
1. Remove the upper intake manifold cover by loosening the four mounting bolts.

2. Remove the vacuum hose from the EGR valve (2).
3. Remove the EGR valve mounting bolts (1).
4. Remove the EGR valve (2) and the gasket (3).

Installation Procedure
1. Install the EGR valve (2) and gasket (3).
Notice : Refer to Fastener Notice in Cautions and Notices.
2. Install EGR valve mounting bolts (1).
Tighten bolts to 25 N m (18 lb ft).
3. Install the EGR valve vacuum hose.

4. Install the upper intake manifold cover.
5. Install the upper intake manifold cover bolts.
Tighten the bolts to 11 N-m (100 lb in).
6. Install negative battery cables.
7. Start and idle engine.
Important: If the ALM cells are not reset, a poor driveability, heavy black smoke and EGR DTCs will exist until vehicle has been driven. The ALM cells will adjust to normal settings after the vehicle has been driven (mileage will vary) and all DTCs are cleared.
8. Reset ALM cells using scan tool (under special functions in scan tool).


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