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Remove or Disconnect (Figures 11 and 12)
1. Negative cable from the negative battery terminal.
2. Positive cable from the positive battery terminal.
3. Battery hold-down retainer.
4. Battery.

1. Battery for damage.
2. Cables and connectors for corrosion or wear.
3. Carrier for damage or foreign objects.
• If damage is noted, find and correct the cause.

Install or Connect (Figures 11 and 12)
1. Battery into cleaned carrier.
2. Hold-down retainer.

Retainer bolt to 15 N.m (11 Ibs. ft.).

3. Positive cable and positive battery terminal to the battery.
4. Negative cable and negative battery terminal to the battery.
• Side terminals to 15 N-m (11 Ibs. ft.).


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