Tools Required:
J 39307 Adapter J 28474 Turbo Compound Gage

CAUTION: Do not perform this test with any­ one in the area around the vehicle. The
wheels of the vehicle should be blocked to prevent the vehicle from moving forward. Failure to fake proper precautions may result in personal injury and damage to the vehicle.

1. Remove the front center mounting bolt from air inlet and install tool J 39307 adapter with a 6 to 7 foot length of 3/16 inch I.D. rubber line. Then route the rubber line into the cab and connect tool J 28474 pressure gage to the end of the line.
2. Test drive the vehicle with a passenger watching the gage. Allow the vehicle to coast at engine idle speed in first gear. Then press the accelerator ped­al to the floor while the passenger notes the boost pressure reading. A boost reading of 14 kPa (2 psi) or more indicates the turbocharger is operating properly.

NOTICE: The 14 kPa (2 psi) reading is for quick accelerations only. The ; pressure reading can climb above 14 kPa (2 psi) under heavy loads. During deceleration, the pres­sure reading may even go down.


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