International DT466 – DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS AND ACCESSORIES – Tools and Accessories – Slack Tube Manometer

The Slack Tube Manometer is a U-shaped tube with a scale mounted between the legs of the tube. When the portability of the gauge bar tool is not required, this manometer is used to measure low vacuum for intake restriction or low pressure for crankcase.

Fill the manometer with water before checking pressure. Use only distilled water. Add some colored water vegetable dye so the scale can be read more easily. With both legs of the manometer open to the atmosphere, fill the tube until the top of the fluid column is near the zero mark on the scale. Shake the tube to eliminate any air bubbles.

Installing, Reading, and Cleaning

1. Support the manometer vertically. Make sure the fluid level is in line with the zero indicator on the graduated              scale.
2. Connect one leg of the manometer to the source of the pressure or vacuum. Leave the other leg open to                          atmospheric pressure.
3. Start the engine and allow it to reach normal operating temperature. Then run the engine to high idle. The                     manometer can be read after 10 seconds.
4. Record the average position of the fluid level when it is above and below the zero indicator. Add the two figures          together. The sum of the two is the total column of fluid (distance A). This represents the crankcase pressure in            inches of water (in H2O).
At times, both columns of the manometer will not travel the same distance. This is no concern if the leg not                   connected to the pressure or vacuum source is open to the atmosphere.
5. Compare the manometer reading with engine specifications.
6. When the test is done, clean the tube thoroughly using soap and water. Avoid liquid soaps and solvents.