1023E, 1025R and 1026R – Install Crankshaft and Main Bearings: 3TNV76 and 3TNV80

[1] – Clean and inspect all parts. Make sure that all gasket material has been removed from mating surfaces.

[2] – Install upper main bearing inserts (A) drilled with oil passage in cylinder block bearing bores, aligning tangs with slots in bores.

[3] – Install block thrust bearings (B) with oil grooves facing away from engine block.

[4] –
Main bearing caps (C) have raised arrows that are stamped with numbers.
Both correspond to their location on the engine block. The number 1 main bearing bore is at flywheel end. Install bearing caps beginning with number 1, then 2 and 3. The main bearing cap at gear train end does not have a number. Also install bearing caps with the arrow toward the flywheel end.

Install crankshaft.

[5] – Install smooth bearing inserts (D) in main bearing caps, aligning tangs with slots in caps.

[6] – Install cap thrust bearings (E), with oil grooves facing away from cap, in the number 1 main bearing cap.

[7] – Install main bearing caps in their original locations with arrows pointing toward flywheel side of engine.

[8] –
DO NOT use high speed power tools or air wrenches to tighten main bearing cap screws.

Dip entire main bearing cap screws in clean engine oil. Install cap screws and tighten. DO NOT tighten to specifications.

[9] – Using a soft-faced hammer, tap the front end of the crankshaft then the rear end of the crankshaft to align the thrust bearings.

[10] – Tighten main bearing cap screws to specifications. When tightening, start at center main bearing cap and work out, alternating to the ends. Turn crankshaft by hand. If it does not turn easily, disassemble the parts and find the cause.