1023E, 1025R and 1026R – Remove Piston and Connecting Rod

[1] – Remove oil pan and oil pickup tube.

[2] – Remove cylinder head.

[3] – Check cylinder bore for ridges. These ridges can damage piston and rings if ridge is not removed. If necessary, remove ridge from top of cylinder bore using a ridge reamer.

[4] – Measure connecting rod side play. (See Check Connecting Rod Side Play in this Group.)

[5] – Measure connecting rod bearing clearance.

[6] – Remove two cap screws, connecting rod cap, and bearing inserts.

[7] – Note connecting rod alignment mark in relation to the cylinders. Starting at flywheel end with cylinder number one, then two, etc.

[8] – Push piston and connecting rod out of cylinder bore using a wooden dowel.

[9] – Disassemble and inspect all parts for wear or damage.