1023E, 1025R and 1026R – Check Crankshaft Main Bearing Clearance

[1] –
The engine must be removed from the machine to perform this test.

Remove the flywheel from the crankshaft. (See Remove and Install Flywheel in this Group.)

[2] – Remove bolts from the flywheel housing. Remove the flywheel housing from the engine.

[3] – Before removing the main bearing, measure the crankshaft end play.

[4] – Install a dial indicator on the engine block. Move the crankshaft in and out to measure end play. Record the measurement.

[5] – Remove the 16 cap screws (A) and ladder frame (B). Do not remove the bearing inserts at this time.

[6] – Wipe oil from bearing insert and crankshaft journal.

[7] – Put a piece of Plastigage TM (C), or an equivalent, on each of the four crankshaft main bearing journals as shown.

[8] – Reinstall the ladder frame. Tighten cap screws to specification in the sequence shown.

[9] – Remove the ladder frame.

[10] –
The flattened Plastigage® may be found on either the bearing insert or crankshaft journal.

Use the graduation marks on the envelope (B) to compare the width of the flattened Plastigage® (C) at its widest point.

[11] – Determine bearing clearance on each main bearing. The number within the graduation marks indicates the bearing clearance in inches or millimeters depending on which side of the envelope is used.

[12] – Remove Plastigage®.