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1023E, 1025R and 1026R – Remove Engine

[1] – Park machine safely. (See procedure in Section 10, Group 05.)

[2] – Allow engine to cool.

[3] – Remove hood and side panels.

[4] – Shut off fuel valve on fuel filter. Disconnect and plug fuel lines.

[5] – Disconnect negative cable from battery.

[6] – Loosen clamp (A) on air intake hose. Remove cap screws (B). Remove air cleaner and hose as an assembly.

[7] – Drain coolant and remove upper and lower radiator hoses.

[8] – Remove two cap screws (C) on each side securing nose piece to frame.

[9] – Remove flange nut (D), and cap screws and nuts (E) from support. Remove support.

[10] – Tilt radiator and nose piece forward a few inches (do not use excessive force) for access to fan bolts.

[11] – Remove four bolts securing fan and spacer to water pump. Remove fan and spacer.

[12] – Disconnect battery cable and positive connectors (F) and solenoid exciter wire (G) from starting motor.

[13] – Disconnect alternator connectors (H). Remove bolt securing harness clamps (I).

[14] – Remove exhaust pipe clamp (J) and support bolt (K). Remove exhaust pipe.

[15] – Disconnect wire from coolant temperature sensor (L).

[16] – Remove cap screw (M) securing ground strap and wires to engine.

[17] – Disconnect glow plug harness connector (N).

[18] – Disconnect fuel shutoff solenoid connector (O).

[19] – Loosen jam nuts (P) on throttle cable and disconnect throttle cable from throttle control lever.

[20] – Disconnect oil pressure switch (Q).

[21] – Remove three bolts (R) connecting driveshaft coupling to flywheel.

[22] – Install lift rings to engine. Install lift sling or chain to lift rings, ensuring that no damage is done to rear fuel injector and high-pressure fuel line.

[23] – Remove engine mounting bolts, washers, and nuts (S) on both sides of engine.

[24] – Lift engine slightly and check that flywheel coupling disconnects from flywheel.

[25] – →NOTE:
Have an assistant help maneuver engine out of machine.
Simultaneously hoist engine and turn front of engine to right to clear radiator. Hoist engine out of frame.

[26] – Lower engine onto wood blocks to prevent damage to oil pan or front cover.