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1023E, 1025R and 1026R – Install Engine

[1] – Install lift rings or bolts to cylinder head cover into threaded holes. Install lift sling or chain to lift rings or bolts, ensuring that no damage is done to rear fuel injector and fuel line.

[2] – →NOTE:
Obtain assistance to maneuver engine into machine.
Lift engine using sling and hoist. Do not damage high-pressure fuel line on rear fuel injector.

[3] – Install engine from right side of machine, starting with engine perpendicular to machine frame with flywheel going in first.

[4] – Carefully lower and turn engine onto engine supports on frame. Pay special attention not to damage fan blades.

[5] – Install M10 bolts, washers, and nuts (A) to engine mounts and tighten to specification.

[6] – Install three bolts (B) connecting driveshaft coupling to flywheel.

[7] – Connect coolant temperature sensor (C).

[8] – Install cap screw (D) securing ground strap and wires to engine.

[9] – Connect glow plug harness connector (E).

[10] – Connect fuel shutoff solenoid connector (F).

[11] – Connect throttle cable to control lever on injection pump. Adjust throttle cable and
tighten jam nuts (G) on throttle cable. (See Adjust Throttle Cable in Section 220, Group 15.)

[12] – Connect oil pressure switch (H).

[13] – Install exhaust pipe. Install support bolt (I) and tighten clamp (J).

[14] – Connect battery cable and positive connectors (K) and solenoid exciter wire (L) to starting motor. Connect alternator wires (M). Install harness clamps (N).

[15] – Connect alternator wires (M). Install harness clamps (N).

[16] – Slide nose piece back to original location.

[17] – Align holes and install two cap screws (O) on each side securing nose piece to frame.

[18] – Connect radiator hoses and tighten clamps.

[19] – Install support rod (P) with flange nut (Q), and cap screws and nuts (R).

[20] – Install air cleaner and secure with cap screws (S). Tighten clamp (T) on air intake hose.

[21] – Connect fuel supply and return hoses from fuel filter and water separator to fuel
injection pump. Secure hoses with spring clamps.

[22] – Fill engine with proper oil. (See Section 10, Group 15.). Engine oil capacity (with filter)
is approximately 2.9 L (3.1 qt.).

[23] – Fill radiator with recommended coolant.

[24] – Make sure that ignition switch is in OFF position. Install battery and connect positive
(+) battery cable to battery first, then negative (–) cable.

[25] – Install engine hood. (See procedure in Section 80, Group 20.)