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John Deere – 1023E, 1025R and 1026R – Adjust Neutral Creep

Make adjustment to the hydrostatic pump control neutral position eccentric if creep is evident with the machine on a level surface with the engine running, brakes released, and no movement of the transmission control pedals.

If creep is intermittent, inspect the transmission control linkage for binding or damage. Repair linkage before making adjustment to the transmission neutral position.

[1] – Park machine safely.

[2] – Block front wheels securely, disengage MFWD and release park brake lock.

[3] – Raise rear of machine and support frame with jack stands.

[4] – Remove center closeout panel for access to transmission motion control eccentric adjuster.

[5] – Have an assistant occupy seat, or temporarily bypass seat safety switch.

[6] –

Start and run engine at high idle.

[7] – Release park brake.

[8] – Place transmission in low range.

[9] – Slightly loosen hex lock nut (D) securing adjuster eccentric.

[10] – Rotate eccentric forward or backward until wheels stop turning. Mark eccentric position (E) on adjuster hex and arm.

[11] – Continue eccentric rotation until wheels begin to rotate in opposite direction. Rotate eccentric in opposite direction until wheels stop turning, and mark eccentric position on arm.

[12] – Position eccentric adjuster between marks on arm. Tighten lock nut while holding eccentric position.

[13] – Press, and then release both forward and reverse motion control pedals to verify adjustment. Readjust eccentric as necessary.

[14] – Check for worn or binding travel pedal control linkage if eccentric adjustment does not prevent creep. Disconnect linkage and repeat eccentric adjustment.

[15] – Check for wear in hydrostatic pump if eccentric adjustment is not effective with control linkage disconnected. Check for binding or wear of swash plate shaft bushing, pump or motor valve plate wear, and neutral return spring condition.

[16] – Remove seat switch connector bypass, and reinstall connector to seat switch.

[17] – Reinstall center closeout panel, and loosely secure with two shoulder bolts and two Phillips head screws.

[18] – Hold differential lock lever (F) down, and adjust closeout panel position to center height of cut adjuster shaft (C) in control opening. Tighten fasteners to secure cover.

[19] – Align height of cut adjuster knob to shaft flat and reinstall knob.