John Deere – 1023E, 1025R and 1026R – Remove and Install Tilt Steering Assembly

[1] – Remove steering wheel and control panel. (See Remove Control Panel in Section 90, Group 15.)

[2] – Remove two cap screws (A) on each side securing tilt steering wheel bracket to steering support.

[3] – Lift tilt assembly (B) out of steering supports. If nuts (C) do not clear steering support, loosen cap screws (D) and gently pry steering support out enough to remove tilt assembly.

[4] – Install tilt steering assembly.
a. Slide tilt steering assembly down between steering supports. If nuts (C) interfere, loosen cap screws (D) and slightly spread steering supports apart to clear nuts. Be sure to retighten cap screws (D) after unit is in place.
b. Align holes and install cap screws (D) on each side of tilt assembly.
c. Tighten cap screws to specification.

d. Install control panel.