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John Deere – 1023E, 1025R and 1026R – Remove Fuel Injection Pump: 3TNV76 and 3TNV80

[1] – Park machine safely.

[2] – Allow engine to cool.

[3] – Turn the fuel shutoff valve on the fuel filter and water separator to the CLOSED position.

[4] –

Never steam clean or pour cold water on injection pump while the pump is running, or engine is warm. Doing so can damage the pump.

When removing injection lines, DO NOT turn pump delivery valve fittings.
Turning fittings can damage pump internally. Always use a backup wrench when removing lines.

Clean the injection pump lines and area around the pump using a parts cleaning solvent or steam cleaner.

[5] – Remove the air cleaner assembly.

[6] – Slowly loosen fuel line connectors (A) at injection pump to release pressure in the fuel system. When loosening connectors, use a backup wrench to prevent delivery valves (B) from turning.

[7] – Loosen fuel line nuts (C) at fuel injector nozzle.

[8] – Remove fuel line connector nuts at the injection pump and the injector nozzles and remove fuel lines.

[9] – Cover ends of injectors, delivery valves, and fuel lines with plastic caps to prevent dirt from entering system.

[10] – Disconnect fuel leakoff hose (D).

[11] – Disconnect the fuel input hose (E).

[12] – Disconnect the fuel shutoff solenoid (F) and throttle cable (G).

[13] – Remove injection pump gear cover on front of timing gear cover.

[14] –

DO NOT loosen four cap screws attaching gear to hub. This gear and hub assembly times the injection pump camshaft in relation to the crankshaft for precise timing of EPA engines. This procedure is done at the pump manufacturing plant and CAN NOT be duplicated in the field.

Rotate crankshaft and align “C” timing marks (H) on injection pump gear and idler gear.

[15] – Remove nut (I) and lock washer.

[16] –
Do NOT turn engine crankshaft after injection pump gear has been removed. The idler gear has an odd number of teeth and timing marks only align periodically. If crankshaft is turned, timing cover must be removed to align MARKS. (See Remove and Install Timing Gear Cover in Section 20, Group 5.)

Use a gear puller and remove injection pump gear.

[17] – Note the location of the injection pump timing mark (J) as related to the timing gear housing timing marks (K). The replacement pump will need to be installed in the exact same location.

[18] – Remove the three mounting nuts (L) securing the injector pump to the crank case and remove the injection pump.