John Deere – 1023E, 1025R and 1026R – Rockshaft Lift Cycle Test


( 1 ) Perform Lift Cycle Test

Make sure all SCV spool valves are in neutral.

[1] – Warm hydraulic oil. (See Hydraulic Oil Warm-up Procedure in this Group.)

[2] – Attach approximately 227 kg (500 lb) rear weight or implement.
BW15073 Ballast Box may be used.

[3] – Open rate-of-drop valve completely.

[4] – Lower 3-point hitch completely.

[5] – Run engine at fast idle.

[6] – Record the time it takes to completely raise the 3-point hitch arms after you pull the position lever all the way back.

[7] – Compare recorded hitch raise time with specification below.

YES: Return to diagnosis in progress.
NO: See Rockshaft Leakdown Test .
NO: See Pump Flow Test (Tractors With SCV) .
NO: Service rockshaft valve.
NO: Repair leaking seal or O-ring.