John Deere – 1023E, 1025R and 1026R – Test PTO Cluch Pressure

Perform this test to check PTO clutch hydraulic pressure. This determines if there is sufficient oil pressure to engage PTO clutch.

[1] – Park machine safely.

[2] – Raise and safely support rear axle.

[3] – Lock park brake.

[4] – Remove left rear wheel.

[5] – Remove plug from pressure test port (A).

[6] – Install pressure gauge as follows:
Assemble JTO3366 elbow connector, JTO3017 hose, and JTO3344 pressure gauge in test port.

[7] – Start engine and set throttle at low idle.

[8] – Check and record PTO clutch pressure.

[9] – Stop engine and cycle valves to relieve any pressure.

[10] – Install new O-ring on plug.

[11] – Remove gauge assembly from port. Install plug.

– Pressure should be to specification.
– If pressure is below specification, check PTO clutch seals and PTO clutch pack condition.