OM 617 – Removal and installation of glow plugs

1. Unscrew all nuts, remove connecting line, connection insulators and conductors.
2. Unscrew glow plugs with box wrench.


3. Prior to installing glow plugs, clean glow plug channels and bores in prechambers with reamer. For
this purpose, fill flutes of reamer with grease and ream glow plug channels.
Note: In the course of time, oil carbon will settle in glow plug channels. This may result in a ground
connection of glow plugs.

4. After reaming glow plug channels, crank engine several times with starter motor, so that the
residue is blown out of combustion chamber.
5. lnstall glow plugs, connect to conductors, connect connection cable and attach with nuts.
7. Check glow plugs for function.


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