OM 617 – Removal and installation of intake pipe, replacement of gasket

1. Remove air cleaner or scoop.
2. Disconnect regulating linkage.
3. On engine 615, 616 with choke control, unscrew vacuum lines.

4. On engines without choke control, unscrew support on intake pipe.

Note: Engine 61 7 is also provided with a support on intake pipe.
Installation: February 1979

5. Remove cylinder crankcase breather.
6. Remove exhaust system (49-100).
7. Loosen fastening nuts and remove intake pipe together with exhaust manifold.
8. Clean intake pipe and check flange surfaces with straightedge, touch up on surface plate, if required.

9. For installation use new gasket and proceed vice versa.
10. Adjust regulating linkage (30-300).
11. Run engine, check intake system for leaks by spraying with Iso-Oktan Dl N 51756 or benzine.
12. Adjust idle speed (07.1-100).


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