OM 617 – Removal and installation of water pump housing

1. Completely drain coolant (20- 010).
2. Remove radiator (20-420).
3. Unscrew fan.
4. Slacken V-belt and remove.

Drain plug on cylinder crankcase

5. On engine 61 7, remove pulley and vibration damper.
6. Disconnect heating water return hose on water pump housing.
7. Disconnect hose between thermostat and water pump housing.

8. Unscrew vent line from water pump housing (arrow).
9. Unscrew water pump housing and remove together with water pump.

10. Position water pump housing with new gasket and screw down.
11. For further installation proceed vice versa to removal.
12. Add coolant (20-010).
13. Pressure-test cooling system with tester.


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