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OM 617 – Sealing of water pump

1. Press-off impeller. For this purpose, place pressing off disc between impeller and bearing housing.

2. Apply light hammer blows at several points between bearing housing and sliding ring seal to cancel
the pre-load and force sliding ring seal out.

3. Force counter-ring out of impeller.

4. Slightly coat mounting bore of sliding ring seal in water pump housing with sealing compound.
Press-in sliding ring seal by means of pressing-in sleeve or knock out.
Attention !
Support at bearing housing only and not at water pump shaft.

5. Coat O-ring on counter-ring with brake cylinder paste and push with chamfered side (arrow) into thoroughly cleaned impeller.

6. Clean sealing surfaces of counter-ring and sliding ring seal free of dust with chamois cloth.
7. Degrease shaft stud and impeller in bore.
8. Press-on impeller flush with shaft while supporting water pump shaft.


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