OM 617 – Replacing diaphragm of injection pump, adjusting compensating path (engine 615, 616 M-injection pump with pneumatic governor)

Replacing diaphragm of injection pump
1. Disconnect connecting rod on tickler and start and stop cable control.
2. Unscrew governor cover and remove together with governor spring. Make sure that governor spring and the compensating washers are not falling out when removing governor cover.
3. Remove diaphragm by unscrewing large governor cover. Remove cotter pin with washer from control rod.
4. Remove diaphragm, while paying attention to installed parts 1-4.
5. Remove parts 1-4 from removed diaphragm and insert into new diaphragm.

Adjusting compensating path
6. Measure compensating path. For this purpose, insert hex screw M 6 (3) through diaphragm sleeve
(4) and compensating bolt (2). Place diaphragm on a tubular base (5) with max 35 mm OD, min 22 mm ID and min 10 mm in length. Then position holder of dial gauge in such a manner that the feeler pin (1 ) rests on center of compensating bolt (2).

7. Set dial gauge under preload to zero, then push compensating bolt (2) down.
Engine = Nominal value
615.912 = 1.1 mm
615.91 3 = 1.2 mm
616 = 1.1 mm

If required, adjust compensating path by adding or removing compensating washer (4) (Fig. item 5).

8. For installation proceed vice versa.


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