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2008 6.6L Duramax – CAMSHAFT REPLACEMENT – Removal Procedure

1. Remove the valve lifters. Refer to Valve Lifter Replacement.
2. Remove the charged air cooler. Refer to Charge Air Cooler Replacement.
3. Remove the air conditioning (A/C) condenser. Refer to Condenser Replacement.
4. Remove the starter. Refer to Starter Motor Replacement (6 .6 L ).
5. Install J 44643 flush to the flywheel opening. See Special Tools .
6 . Remove the engine front cover. Refer to Engine Front Cover Replacement.

7. Remove the oil pump driven gear nut.
8. Remove the oil pump driven gear.

9. Remove the oil pump drive gear and crankshaft reluctor.
• Do not remove the crankshaft reluctor bolts.
• Do not damage the reluctor teeth.

10. Using J 26900-12 (1) and J 26900-13 (2), measure the camshaft end play. See Special Tools .
• The production value is 0 .0 5 0-0.114 mm (0 .002-0.0045 in) and service limit is 0.20 mm (0.008 in).
• Replace the camshaft gear or the camshaft thrust plate if measured value exceeds service limit.

11. Remove the camshaft reluctor screws.
12. Remove the camshaft reluctor.

13. In order to loosen the camshaft gear bolt use J 44643 in order to hold the engine from turning. See Special Tools .
14. Loosen the camshaft gear bolt and leave the bolt finger tight.
15. Remove the camshaft thrust plate bolts through the holes in the camshaft gear.

16. Remove the camshaft with the camshaft gear attached.

17. Remove the camshaft gear bolt and discard.
18. Remove the camshaft gear.
19. Remove the camshaft thrust plate.
20. Clean and inspect the camshaft and bearings. Refer to Camshaft and Bearings Cleaning and Inspection .
If the camshaft bearings are worn or damaged the engine will require removal in order to replace the camshaft             bearings. Refer to Engine Replacement.