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Cummins N14 – Water Pump Idler Assembly – Rebuild – Assembly

Fill the space between the bearing races and the roller bearings with Chevron SRI grease or its equivalent.
Prepare the outside diameter surface of the bearing with Locktiteᮋ Primer T, Part No. ST-1272-13.
Apply a thin film of Locktiteᮋ 609, Part No. 3823718, to the outside diameter of the bearing.

Support the idler pulley in an arbor press. Use bearing installation tool, Part No. ST-658, to press the bearing
into the pulley until the bearing is against the bottom of the bearing bore.

Install the retaining ring into the groove in the idler pulley.
NOTE: The flat side of the bearing retaining ring must be installed toward the bearing.

Push the shaft into the bearing by hand.

Install the flat washer and the capscrew.
Make sure the flat side of the washer is against the bearing.
Torque Value: 27 N•m [20 ft-lb]

Install the oil seal with the lip toward the bearing.
Use seal expander, Part No. 3823885, to guide the seal onto the shaft.
Use a tube mandrel to press the seal in flush with the pulley.

Press the cover and a new o-ring into the pulley.