FUSO 4M4 – Engine – CYLINDER HEAD AND VALVE MECHANISM – Installation procedure

•Installation: Sealing cap
– Apply sealant to the press fitting hole in the cylinder head.
– Install sealing caps and press them in to the depths respectively specified.

Installation: Valve stem seal
– Apply engine oil to the valve stem seal lip.
– Install the valve stem seal until it contacts the lower retainer closely using
– After installing the valve stem seal, check that the spring of the valve stem seal is deformed or broken.

Installation: Valve cotter
• Install the valve cotter in the same manner as in removal. (See “ Removal: Valve cotter”.)

• Disassembly sequence
1 Lower connecting rod bearing
2 Connecting rod cap
3 Upper connecting rod bearing
4 Piston and connecting rod (See later sections.)
*a: Upper crankcase
*b: Crankshaft

• Assembly sequence
Follow the disassembly sequence in reverse.



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