FUSO 4M4 – Engine – TIMING GEAR – Installation procedure

•Installation: Idler gear and sprocket
Install the idler gear and sprocket on the idler shaft while aligning the marks “1” on its teeth with the corresponding mark on one of the crankshaft gear teeth.

Installation: Timing chain
• Support the cam sprocket with
• Check that the idler gear and sprocket and the crankshaft gear are engaged at the “1” marked teeth.
• Align the “ ” mark on the idler gear and sprocket with the mark link plate (one plate) on the timing chain.

• Install the timing chain with the mark link plates (two plates) aligned with the “ ” marks on the exhaust cam sprocket and intake cam sprocket.
• After installing the timing chain, install the idler washer so that the front mark “F” is facing forward.


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