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The battery is not designed to last indefinitely; howev­er, with proper care, it will provide many years of service.

If the battery tests good, but fails to perform satisfac­torily in service’for no apparent reason, the following are some important factors that may point to the cause of trouble:

1. Vehicle accessories left on overnight.
2. Slow average driving speeds for long periods, or short trips, as the battery may not have, sufficient time to recharge.

3. The vehicle’s electrical load is more than generator output, particularly with the addition of aftermarket equipment.
4. Conditions in the charging system such as poor ground circuits, electrical shorts, slipping drive belt, or a faulty generator.
5. Battery abuse, including failure to keep battery cable terminals clean and tight or operating with a loose battery hold-down.
6. Mechanical conditions in the electrical system, such as shorted or pinched wires or a cracked battery case resulting from a collision.
The outside of the battery should be checked periodi­cally for damage, such as a cracked cover or case.


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