Remove or Disconnect (Figures 12, 13,-14, and 15)
1. Negative battery cable. Refer to CAUTION on page 6D2-1.
2. Starter brackets and/or shields, if equipped.
3. Wires from the starter solenoid.

4. Two bolts and washers (where present) holding the starter to the engine.
5. Starter from the engine.

Install or Connect (Figures 12, 13, 14, and 15)
1. Two bolts and washers (where used) through the starter to the engine.

• Through bolts to 45 N-m (35 Ibs. ft.).
• Bracket bolt (diesel) to 33 N-m (24 ibs. ft.).
• Nut (diesel) to 8.5 N.m (75 Ibs. in.).
• Lower the vehicle.
2. Wires to the solenoid terminals.
3. Brackets and/or shields, if equipped.
4. Negative battery cable.


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