John Deere – 1023E, 1025R and 1026R – Bleed Fuel System

The machine incorporates a self bleeding fuel system which forces air out of the fuel filter, injection pump, and injection nozzles, and vents it back to the fuel tank. Fuel system bleeding is usually not necessary after a repair. If the system is completely drained and will not self-prime without overheating the starter, proceed as follows.

[1] – Park machine safely.

[2] – Be sure fuel tank is not empty, and fuel valve on fuel filter is in OPEN (O) position.

[3] – Turn key switch to on position and listen for clicking noise indicating fuel transfer pump is running. Allow to run to for at least 30 seconds.

[4] – Try to start engine. If engine will not start after two or three attempts, continue steps six to nine.

[5] – Remove air filter and intake if necessary to access high-pressure line nuts.

[6] – Using a 17 mm open-end wrench, loosen high-pressure line nuts (A) on top of fuel injector nozzles 1/4 turn.

[7] – Crank engine until fuel is seen seeping from all three injector fittings.

[8] – Tighten fittings.

[9] – Install air filter and intake if removed.