John Deere – 1023E, 1025R and 1026R – Disassemble Front Axle

Service procedures are the same for the left and right side outer axle assemblies. Only the right side outer axle assembly must be removed to service the differential.

[1] – Loosen clamp (A), and remove axle input shield (B).

[2] – Remove snap ring (C) from driveshaft yoke groove. Drive spring pin (D) through yoke until drive shaft can be removed from axle input shaft.

[3] – Slide drive shaft rearward to remove from axle input shaft splines.

[4] – Clean area around fill plug and dipstick (E) and outer axle end plug (F).

[5] – Remove plugs and drain lubricant to a suitable container.

[6] – Remove hex nut (G) securing steering cylinder end to left bevel gear housing if left outer end is removed. Remove cylinder end from housing.

[7] – Remove cotter pin and hex nut (H) securing tie rod end to axle outer end being removed. Remove tie rod end from ring gear housing arm.

[8] – Remove eight hex flange bolts (I) securing cover to bevel gear housing.

[9] – Use pry points (J) provided to separate cover from housing. Remove cover.

[10] – Remove five hex bolts (K) securing outer end assembly to axle tube. Tap spindle housing at knock points (L) to separate housing from axle.

[11] – Remove outer end assembly from axle.

[12] – Remove axle shaft (M) from differential.

[13] – Remove snap ring (N) securing differential assembly in axle housing.

[14] – Remove differential assembly (O) from axle housing.

[15] – Rotate the axle input pinion shaft with the differential assembly removed to check bearing condition. If any roughness is felt, remove the pinion assembly and replace the bearings.
a. Clean area around front axle input shaft.

b. Remove input shaft seal (A).
c. Remove snap ring (B) securing input shaft outer bearing to housing.

d. Remove input shaft assembly from housing.
e. Remove snap ring (C).

f. Support outer pinion bearing (D), and press pinion shaft from bearing.

g. Remove spacer and inner pinion bearing (E).