John Deere – 1023E, 1025R and 1026R – Main Relief Valve Test (Tractors With SCV)


The following tools may be required for proper diagnosis:
1. JT05473
2. JT03364
3. AR94522 (Internal Half)
4. JT05494

( 1 ) Install Test Equipment

[1] – Assemble gauge, hose, and adapter.
[2] – Connect test equipment into any SCV outlet.

YES: Go To 2.

( 2 ) Main Relief Valve Test (With SCV)


[1] – Warm hydraulic oil. (See Hydraulic Oil Warm-up Procedure in this Group.)

[2] – Run engine at slow idle.

[3] – Move SCV lever to pressurize test outlet. Hold until you hear system go into relief.

[4] – Record pressure reading on gauge and compare with specification.

YES: Return to diagnosis in progress.
NO: Pressure high or low: adjust relief valve.
NO: Pressure high or low: replace relief valve.