OM 617 – Removal and installation of oil filter

When the oil filter is removed, residue from gasket may remain stuck to flange surface of cylinder crankcase.
To prevent such residue from entering the clean oil duct (arrow) of cylinder crankcase during removal (e.g. by scraping), make sure to cover or close bores first.

1. On 1 st version, loosen central bolt and pull out for approx. 50 rnm so that the oil can flow back into oil pan. Throttle bore (arrow) should be visible.

On 2nd version, unscrew oil filter cover and pull up for a short distance so that the oil can flow back to oil pan.

2. Unscrew oil cooler lines (arrows). Apply counterhold to threaded connections for this purpose.

3. Unscrew oil pressure indicator with open box wrench on oil filter.
4. Unscrew oil filter and remove.
5. Clean sealing surfaces on oil filter and cylinder crankcase.
For this purpose, close bores on cylinder crankcase.

6. Position oil filter with new gasket and screw down.
7. Screw-on oil cooler lines.
8. Connect oil pressure indicator to oil filter.
9. Insert new oil filter element, if required.

10. Mount oil filter cover and screw down.
11. Run engine a t idle speed and check for leaks.


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