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John Deere – 1023E, 1025R and 1026R – Install Mid PTO Driveshaft and Gears

Avoid Damage! Use liberal amounts of transmission oil to lubricate components as they are assembled. DO NOT use grease or other heavy lubricants unless they are specifically called for in the assembly story.

Mid and rear PTO shaft seals have grass cutter lips that require a special driver. Use only seal drivers with a recessed drive face designed for this type of seal. Flat-faced seal drivers will damage these seals.

Install new seals when assembling PTO drive. Lubricate seals, bearings, bearing bores, and shafts with clean oil before assembly. Prevent damage to seals by covering splined shafts with tape or thin plastic before assembly.

[1] – Lubricate and install new mid PTO shaft seal to front gear case cover using JDG11235 Seal Driver. Recess seal to specification.

[2] – Cover mid PTO shaft splines (A) to protect seal and install shaft assembly to front gear case cover.

[3] – Secure bearing in idler gear with snap ring (B), and install to idler gear shaft.

[4] –
The roll pin installed to the mid PTO idler gear shaft extends from the shaft
to properly index the range gearshift fork. The pin fits the shaft from one
side only.

Install roll pin (C) to bore in idler shaft.

[5] – Install mid PTO idler gear assembly to gear case front cover. Ensure that range shift lever (D) is installed between lugs on range shift, with range shift fork (E) engaged in range gearshift collar.

[6] – Lubricate and install new seal (F) to mid PTO pinion shaft.

[7] – Lubricate and install new O-ring to M-B-R shifter and install shifter to gear case.

[8] – Install pinion shaft bearing (G) to gear case and fasten with snap ring.

[9] –
The mid PTO drive gear is installed to the pinion shaft with the gear hub facing the shaft bearing.

Install mid PTO input gear (H) to shaft with gear hub facing bearing. Fasten gear to shaft with snap ring.

[10] – Install needle bearing (I) to mid PTO pinion shaft. Place grease on needle bearing to hold it in pinion shaft.

[11] –
Install the gear hub to the shift collar with the hub outer spline beveled ends facing the mid PTO pinion shaft.

Install drive gear (J) with shift collar (K) and gear hub (L) installed. Ensure that shifter fork engages shift collar flange.

[12] – Hold drive gear assembly in position with temporary support tool through gear case and mid PTO pinion shaft.

[13] – Lubricate seals (M) and install PTO clutch and brake assembly to gear case.

[14] – Make sure that the PTO brake plate tangs (N) are rotated against the stop in the housing.

[15] – Support PTO drive gear and withdraw support tool (O).

[16] – Lubricate shaft and bearing of rear PTO pinion (P) and partially install pinion through drive gear spindle and gear hub.

[17] – Lubricate bearing and partially install rear PTO idler gear assembly (Q) to gear case.

[18] – Complete installation of rear PTO pinion and idler gear assemblies.

[19] – Ensure that locating pins (R) are installed to gear case.

[20] – Apply a bead of John Deere Form-in-Place gasket maker to mating surfaces of rear cover.

[21] – Install drive coupler to hydraulic pump input shaft.

[22] – Lubricate bearings and install rear cover to gear case.

[23] – Install nine cap screws (S). Tighten cap screws in a cross pattern to specification.

[24] – Install hose and suction pipe (T) to pump inlet. Secure hose with clamps. Tighten pipe to pump cap screws. (See Remove and Install Oil Suction Screen in Section 70, Group 05.)

[25] – Apply Form-in Place gasket maker to sealing surface of transmission case and install rockshaft housing (U).

[26] – Fasten rockshaft housing to transmission with cap screws (V and W). Tighten cap screws in a cross pattern to specification.

[27] – Install hydraulic pipe to pump, rockshaft housing, and right-hand axle housing and tighten fittings.

[28] – Refill gear case with specified amount and type of oil.