John Deere – 1023E, 1025R and 1026R – Remove and Inspect Mid PTO Driveshaft and Gears

[1] – Park machine safely. (See procedure in Section 10, Group 05.)

[2] – Remove center lift link. Disconnect draft links from rockshaft arms.

[3] –
Oil capacity is approximately 12.3 L (3.25 gal.).

Drain hydraulic oil from gear case.

[4] – Remove hydrostatic drive assembly (A) from front of gear case.

[5] – Remove PTO drive shaft (B) through front of gear case.

[6] – Remove rear PTO shield assembly.

[7] – Shift M-B-R PTO selector (C) to REAR position.

[8] – Release clamps (D) and remove hose from elbow (E).

[9] – Drain oil.

[10] – Remove suction pipe (F) from hydraulic pump.

[11] – Disconnect fitting securing pipe (G) at pump outlet and at rock shaft, remove pipe.

[12] – Remove cap screws (H) fastening rockshaft housing to gear case. Remove rockshaft housing.

[13] – Remove nine cap screws and rear cover (I).

[14] – Remove PTO pinion gear shaft assembly (J) with idler gear assembly (K).

[15] – Support PTO shift gear and collar with Phillips screwdriver or similar tool (L) that allows shift gear to move to disengage from clutch gear.

[16] – Remove PTO clutch assembly from transmission case.

a. Rotate PTO clutch assembly so that brake reaction tang (M) is on dipstick side of housing.
b. Align clutch housing notch (N) with PTO M-B-R shift shaft.
c. Move clutch assembly rearward to remove front end from gear case.
d. Rotate clutch assembly front end upward and remove assembly through top of gear case.

[17] – Remove tool supporting drive gear (O).

[18] – Remove drive gear, along with shift collar (P) and gear hub (Q).

[19] – Needle bearing (R) which supports the front of the rear PTO pinion stays in mid PTO shaft. Remove and inspect needle bearing for damage or discoloration.

[20] – Remove ten cap screws (S and T) and cover.

[21] – Remove snap ring (U) from pinion shaft (V). Remove front PTO drive gear.

[22] – Remove snap ring (W), pinion shaft and bearing.

[23] – Remove Mid-PTO idler gear (X) and shaft with range shift fork.

[24] – Remove roll pin (Y), idler gear and bearing from shaft.

[25] – Remove snap ring (Z) and bearing.

[26] – Tap mid PTO shaft with bearings and gear from gear case front cover.

[27] – Clean gasket material from front cover and gear case sealing surfaces.

[28] – Inspect bearings, gears, and shafts for wear or damage. Remove bearings from shafts for replacement if damage is apparent.

[29] – Replace components as required.