International DT466 – ELECTRONIC CONTROL SYSTEMS DIAGNOSTICS – ECT Operational Diagnostics

1. Using EST, open the D_ContinuousMonitor.ssn.

2. To monitor signal voltage, run KOEO Continuous Monitor Test. For help, see “Continuous Monitor Test” in                  Section 3 (page 68).
3. Monitor ECT signal voltage. Verify an active DTC for the ECT circuit.
4. If code is active, do step 6 and 7 to check circuit for the ECT sensor using the following table.
• Circuit Checks for ECT Sensor
5. If code is inactive, wiggle connectors and wires at all suspected problem locations. If circuit continuity is                        interrupted, the EST will display DTCs related to the condition.
6. Disconnect engine harness from temperature sensor.
NOTE: Inspect connectors for damaged pins, corrosion, or loose pins. Repair if necessary.
7. Connect Temperature Sensor Breakout Harness to engine harness only.